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  • Without a doubt your cleanest gun ever, Africa was in dire need of an affordable yet reliable firearm cleaning product. This is the inspiration and vision behind ORYX AFRICA products being formulated. This company was established in 2020, the most difficult environment being COVID affected resulting in total lockdown halting the importation of the normally used and available products The product range caters for all segments of the shooting fraternity, its occasional hunter, Professional Hunter, to its competition shooter with excellence in gun care quality.
  • Oryx Africa is a small but durable company which allows us to assist with all needs and allows us to stay on top of our game when it comes to technologies etc. Being a small company also allows us to be flexible and therefore we can supply from small to macro enterprises across the world.
  • Designed and developed from shooters for shooters, Oryx Africa has established itself as a worthy competitor in the market of Gun cleaning. We are working really hard and setting our goals at becoming the market leader in gun care technologies.
  • We created a line of quality gun care products for Africa and internationally making it affordable for everyone. Catering for the full range of shooters we assure you that Oryx Africa will be your best experience in gun care from the one time shooter to the serious professional hunter, marksman.
  • We aim to excel in product quality leaving expectations surpassed, with flexibility in the company bringing value and convenience for all shooters.
  • We aim at becoming the benchmark in firearm care technology taking all shooters wishes and requirements to hart. We will be expanding our product range and maintain doing research and development for new and innovative locally produced products going forward We strive to be the leader in technology and customer care to remain the Benchmark for years to come
  • With customer service, technology and advanced expert knowledge being our mission we wish to become superior and our wish is for everyone to prosper.
  • The best nothing less is what sets us apart from our competition, we strive to become the shooters choice in firearm maintenance for all.


To Satisfy all shooters by providing the best in gun care and maintenance solutions to all hunters and professional shooters in and around Africa.


Striving to become the best, in quality and service and to stay ahead of our competition with research and technology. To surpass and exceed all shooters desires.

To become the leader in gun care and gun cleaning in Africa and Internationally.
By setting realistic goals that brings out the beat in our company
By setting realistic deadlines to each goal making it challenging but still achievable
Providing top services with quality products
Specific goals for specific times keeping up with the industry and market

To keep on supplying a complete range of gun care products at the best of quality in its specific field and description and making it more cost effective to the South African market. Also setting the trend to become the benchmark in gun care and maintenance.

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